Ignition systems and alternators for
oldtimer motorcycles


VAPE Company welcomes on the new E-SHOP customers, who have so far purchased ignition sets, alternators and other goods for different oldtimer motorcycles from POWERDYNAMO Berlin. VAPE was a major producer and supplier of important components kits to Powerdynamo already since 1999 and has already 27 year old history in field of. VAPE currently purchased the Company Powerdynamo and will continue to sell goods throughout the Powerdynamo range from 1.9.2018.


Those of you who are having the percentage discount from the previous purchases at POWERDYNAMO, please be so kind and register on our e-shop VAPE.EU as soon as possible.  Once you are registered, please send us a short confirmation to blanka.vanickova@vape.cz or katerina.dvorakova@vape.cz . As soon as we receive such a information about your successful registration, the appropriate discount will be set up in our accountant system for you.

To all customers – please note the Simson systems mentioned below can be bought only at MZA Meyer Zweiradtechnik GmbH,  https://www.mza-vertrieb.de/

There are 7 systems included: Simson SR1/2/2E, KR50, KR51, SL1, AWO 425, AWO Sport, AWO Touren

We are looking forward to the business co-operation with you and believe, that you will be satisfied with our ware and services.


Dear customers, we prefer payments by VISA or Mastercard.

You can also pay by transferring to a bank account.


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